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What Can We do for You?

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Want new power for your project?
We can build it for you! Come and
see what we can do. We have the
machines to fulfill your needs!

The Motorplex Shop offers many services
which your engine may be in need of.

Our facility includes an in house fabrication welding shop for custom machine work and repairs.


  • Jet washing parts
  • Bead blasting rust
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Install new guides
  • Cut and install hard seat
  • Cut the seat (from basic to performance 3-angle)
  • Resurface cylinder heads
  • Line bore and hone for accuracy
  • Bore cylinders
  • Hone the bores for an accurate fit
  • Connecting rods cleaned and inspected
  • Resizing big end of rods
  • Install new bushing and fit pins
  • Balance engine rotating assembly
  • Resurface fly wheels
  • Polish crank shafts
  • Complete engine assembly
Machines Valve Seats

All members of our experienced staff
are well trained on all of our machines.
Quick turn around time on all of the machine work.

All of the machines used in house are top quality, and they are used regularly.

They are in exellent working condition.